Recycled Aggregates & Screened Topsoil

The environmental impact construction projects have must always be taken into consideration and every effort must be taken to reduce that impact wherever possible, Part of the environmental impact construction projects have is the industries reliance on primary (quarried) aggregates when there are alternative options available.

G F Grigg Ltd operates a recycling facility at Penstrowed Quarry near Newtown Powys. We are proud of the fact that we are one of only a few facilities operating in Mid Wales. The inert waste will be brought to Penstrowed Quarry only from recognised sites on G F Grigg Ltd owned vehicles, or vehicles hired in by G F Grigg to enable control and monitoring of materials being brought into site. 


We take in inert Construction and Demolition Waste under strict protocols, and through a process of screening and crushing we produce a range of Recycled or secondary Aggregates some of which are certified and we can supply Screened Topsoil.

This helps to reduce your requirement for quarried aggregates through our supply of recycled aggregates, and also helps to reduce the costly and wasteful tipping of materials in landfill sites that are suitable for recycling.